The Daily Lines 2024

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Inspiring prompts include:

  • Fascinating almanac entries about people & events
  • Prompts about letters and postcards
  • Skill-building exercises for every part of the writing process
  • Definitions of words you might not already know
  • Healthy tips for the writing mind & body
  • NEW! Visual prompts

This year’s theme is letters & postcards–physical & digital forms–encompassing postage, mail carriers, famous letters, and famous letter writers.

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So many ideas to write about!

A whole year of them!

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  • prompts & the best lines we can find

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Sample Content

Tip for Wednesday
17 April 2024

You can enter the writing process anywhere you have strong ideas. Your story’s opening might not be where you first start putting words together. By the time you’ve completed a first draft, you’ll be much more ready to craft a compelling opening.

Prompt for Monday
24 June 2024

Write a letter to your past self about a place you loved. Ask past-you why you loved it and describe your memories of that time. If the place is still there, tell whether you’ve visited it since and what it means to you now

Exercise for Tuesday
10 December 2024

In meticulous detail, describe the physical process of wrapping a present. Choose an object that is more difficult than an average-sized box — make it oddly shaped, soggy,  wiggly, enormous or miniscule.

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