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“Highly recommended for creativity and exuberance. There is SO much here — clever weekday and weekend organization, unusual daily notations and quotes, plus utterly wonderful writing prompts.”

“I initially ordered five copies of The Daily Lines: 2019 Calendar for Writers, but I will be ordering a few more, including one for me! I’ve spent much of the last year trying to organize myself with a bullet journal but I can see how The Daily Lines will work better for me. I can code activities with colored pencils, as I have been doing, but also start the day with brain sparking ideas and fresh writing.”

Laura Weldon, author
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I ordered 4 of these as a test from Amazon, the paper quality is excellent, especially if you write with a fountain pen. Covers are durable, lays flat. I have ordered more of these to have a stock on hand and will be buying more, these notebook/journals are excellent value for the money.

Wayne Brieske, USA

The Design Alphabet Coloring Book

  • New, original fonts
  • Classic design elements
  • Historic & literary alphabet specimens
  • Lots of detail
  • Recommended for colored pencil or gel pens
  • English, Danish & German editions