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Why Fox?

Think sleek, tricky, sharp and clever. Think soft warm burrows and playful kits. Think that fantastic jump thing they do when they pounce. But most of all, think boundless curiosity.

Why Falcon?

Think keen, quick, precise and tireless. Think perching in treetops and nesting on ledges. Think hovering all aflutter before rocketing to the earth. But most of all, think pinpoint focus.

Our Locations

Fox & Falcon Press is a small, private press working in Mid-Jutland, Denmark and anchored in Northeast Ohio.

About us

Publisher & Editor: Leslie Crislip Nielsen

I’m a writer, artist, educator, and translator. I’m also a mom, gardener, maker of beautiful useful things, ravenous reader, teachers’ kid, married person, musician, and, as my eldest daughter once said, collector of old things.

Fox & Falcon Press is my way of consolidating several streams of energy into one channel of output.

That move started in 2018 by gathering up stuff I know about writing and giving it form as The Daily Lines Writing Prompt Calendar was the result. I published the Alphabet coloring book in 2019, and over the past several months I’ve poured my love of old books, vintage images, and journaling into a line of journals and notebooks that is already growing for 2022. The hope is that we’ll open for a few, select submissions in 2023.

Before you ask — I’m a falconer in spirit only and I’m still waiting for a pet fox to show up on my doorstep!

If you want to know more, visit my personal/professional website where you can also sign up for my sporadic newsletters at www.llcn.dk

Intern & Editorial Assistant: Trine Heebøll Nygaard

Trine is a recent graduate from the South Gate School of Creative Writing in Aalborg, Denmark. She’s also a trained fire fighter. In addition to penning occasional writing prompts for The Daily Lines, she manages all our regular social media posting on Facebook and Instagram. Coming soon–TikTok!


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