Why Fox? Why Falcon?

Fox & Falcon Press is a small, private press working in Northeast Ohio, USA and Mid-Jutland, Denmark. (Yes, there’s something interesting behind that geography–it’s a love story.)

We make beautiful things.

Why Fox? Think about sleek, tricky, sharp and clever. Think soft warm burrows and playful kits. Think about that fantastic jump thing they do when they pounce. But most of all, their curiosity.

Why Falcon? Think about keen, quick, precise and tireless. Think perching in treetops and nesting on ledges. Think about hovering all aflutter before rocketing to the earth. But most of all, their focus.

A writer with curiosity and focus even part of the time is the writer we serve.

Fox & Falcon is home to The Daily Lines series of calendars for writers and coordinated notebooks for extra writing space.

We offer fascinating (and kind of geeky) coloring books for adults.

Also just launched, beautifully designed paperback journals with vintage covers and attractive interior graphics.

Plus a line of health & fitness trackers.

None of our work is indifferent. Which is to say, all of our work is created with an eye for beauty and attention to detail.

You’ll love it too.

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