Origin Story

Every project has an origin story, and ours began the day we adopted a pile of natty old books destined for the art department of a local arts school. There they would be diced and sliced and, if all went well, incorporated into well-meaning student work.

Not on our watch.

For a while, they graced the writing department of the same school–keeping company with other writerly ornaments like typewriters.

Eventually they migrated to the writing teacher’s shelves and got dusty (as do most things in the home of a busy writer).

Then came Pandemia, curtailment of teaching opportunities, and the ongoing need for food and shelter, and the writer (yours truly) turned to art and commerce. Thus the first book was scanned, visual editing software learned on the fly, and a logo procrastinated over. Fox & Falcon Press took its first steps in autumn 2020.

And here we are.

Stay tuned for our next episode when we introduce volume one: the carmel-colored notebook that could.