Why Amazon?

There are a lot of reasons to mourn the demise of independent bookstores. Both big chains and online stores are responsible. Readers and writers alike have had to regroup, rethink and retool.

Many independent publishers say there’s been a revolution in publishing, one that removes corporate and academic gatekeepers from the publishing process.

But this is about neither of those debates.

This is about getting started on a long-sighted plan to make a new business. Right now, we use Amazon-based publication of journals, trackers, notebooks and coloring books, but eventually, as marketing takes hold and revenue swells, more and more will be available from other outlets.

This includes opening up a store on this site.

But not yet.

So until that can happen, the only other place you can get our books is directly from us. There’s a wee discount since you don’t have to pay shipping and handling, and you can order almost any quantity you want. Just give a couple weeks’ notice.

And tell a friend how cool Fox & Falcon things are.

artwork by Anouk Kruithof https://www.anoukkruithof.nl/